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Build winning cultures, deliver results and maximize performance.

Are you ready to rise up, take the reigns and lead your organization to new heights?

Before you can get down to business, you need to be up for the challenge.

In today’s business environment, changes are coming at you fast and it doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing anytime soon.


What it takes to compete, staying abreast of current and forecasted trends, and navigating a potential minefield of human resources issues have made things dramatically different than they were a few years ago.


There is simply no more room for complacency or second-rate skills. One simple slip could cost you everything.

So… now is the time for honest assessment

Is learning what the future holds high on your priority list, or is your calendar consumed with putting out fires?

Do you have what it takes to excel, or is it all you can do to keep the trains running on time?

Give an honest answer, and we’ll give ours. Contact us today to find out how we can custom tailor a consultation program to meet your exact needs.

Strategic Planning

Effective leadership is built on the foundation of your company’s mission, vision, and values. With that in mind, we can help you develop a shared vision, mission, values statement and detailed strategies that can transform your organization into a powerful competitor.


Rita is regularly sought after for advice. Here’s one of her most recent media mentions:


The best leaders are at the top of their game as professionals, learners, and leaders that foster loyalty and a spirit of collaboration; in short, they are people that employees love to work for. But how does one get there?

Top tier leaders reach their level of excellence through executive coaching. Rita begins with assessment tools to determine your strengths and areas for improvement.

High Impact Sessions

Our leadership workshops and coaching services are ideal for both new and experienced managers, alike. 


We provide high impact sessions in areas such as:


High Performance Culture

Successful leadership cannot exist without effective employee relations. 


Tapping decades of human resources experience, we provide techniques for:

Virtual Services

While virtual events may be new to you, Rita has been presenting engaging programs virtually for years.  Working closely with clients, a unique approach is developed that ensures high-content, audience engagement and lots of fun!  


All services are designed and adapted to be delivered both in-person, virtually or a hybrid approach.  Rita has a passion for excellence, extensive experience and commitment to exceeding expectations – her virtual programs deliver results!


“Blessed with a fierce intellect, Rita is quick to assess any situation and provoke new thinking by challenging closely held assumptions.”

Paul R. Hederman Chief Operating Officer, CareerSource Palm Beach County

“Rita has worked with my organization throughout the years, from facilitating various workshops to providing coaching opportunities for our managers that promote cohesive and collaborative teams. ”

Stacey Koch, PHR, SHRM-CP HR Generalist, SFWMD - Human Resources Bureau

“Rita relates well to others and makes the process personal, generating enthusiasm in those she is coaching.”

Susan Faby

“Over the years, I have engaged Rita Barreto’s services at two multi-national corporations for which I worked and called on her countless times for advice and guidance.”

Paul R. Hederman Chief Operating Officer, CareerSource Palm Beach County

“Her message was on point in this new world of COVID and how we, as HR professionals need to make sure that we have the agility to adapt as things continuously change.”

Kim Robertson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP 2020 Chair – Ohio SHRM Conference

“Whether working one on one or in a group, Rita achieves great results and I look forward to working with her more in the future.”

Susan Faby
diversity and inclusion

Inclusive. Respectful. Engaged.

Respect in the workplace

Success is determined by more than just great products and service. Creating a work environment that maximizes the potential of every employee is equally — if not more – important. 


Our workshops and consulting services address the impact of diversity, what it takes to create an inclusive work environment, an understanding of select employment laws, promoting mutual respect, effective communication skills, and developing an action plan for change. 

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