TEDx Talk in Boca Raton, Florida

Recently, I had the complete honor and pleasure of speaking at the latest TEDx Talk in Boca Raton, Florida. Coming from a huge family of eleven children, plus two parents and one grandmother, it was essential for my mother to have systems in place to manage such an enormous undertaking. After packing seemingly hundreds of sandwiches and lunch bags, she looked each of us square in the eye before school and always said, “Be on your best behavior. I know you’ll make us proud.”

After hearing those words every single day, it became a tradition. It was a “touch tone” to start the day. Traditions do three things:

  • Traditions touch us

  • Traditions connect us

  • Traditions expand us

That early morning touched me because it brought so much love, as well as connecting me with my family, as we all shared those heartfelt words. It expanded me because I took those same feelings to school. So, after becoming a mother, I also instilled a tradition by saying to my son, “Make good choices. I love you.”

When we think back to our own childhood traditions, do they still touch you? Connect you? Expand you? Family is easy, but what about work?

Traditions at work have a bad rap, perhaps many of us believing them to be a way to hold on to the status quo. Some people think they go against everything we’ve learned about being innovative, productive, creative or progressive. However, this is simply not true.

Traditions can bring a sense of community, which results in a positive work environment; while enabling employers to attract and retain the very best in talent.”

We must change our perception of traditions.

Why? If we don’t, we cannot bridge the gap between today’s multi-generational employees. The millennials mixed with the baby boomers and Gen-Xers simply don’t understand one another, unless you find a way for them to come together.

WATCH THE TEDX presentation to hear ideas for building connections and traditions in your workplace!