Rita Craig’s father, mother, grandmother and 10 siblings taught her to appreciate diversity. Craig, 59, is president of Top Tier Leadership, an international training and coaching service. The wife and mother is president of the Florida Speakers Association and winner of the Human Resource Association of Palm Beach County’s inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award.

RitaCraig-195x300ON HER LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: “That, to me, really was one of the most rewarding forms of recognition I’ve ever gotten because it was from people in my field – my peers.” FULL HOUSE: “I lived with my father, mother and grandmother, seven brothers and three sisters. Living with 13 distinct personalities with different likes and dislikes prepared me to work in the people business.” ASK, DON’T TELL: “A coach’s job is to ask questions. A mentor tells you what you should do. I’ve coached thousands upon thousands of people, from Microsoft to small mom-and-pops, to get them to think it through. It doesn’t matter where I go globally, people have the same challenges.”