Lessons we teach children which can apply within the workplace

Our parents went the extra mile to teach us some valuable life lessons, but sometimes those fall by the wayside when we become adults. It can be easy to backtrack or forget these lessons, although as parents we strive to teach our own children the same principles or morals that our kinfolk presented to us, growing up. It is a different era, but if we enforce and adhere to the lessons we teach our youth, then perhaps we can all experience a great difference in the enjoyment of both our professional and personal lives.

These are some of the lessons we teach children which can apply within the workplace:

  • Express appreciation. We tell our children to say thank you and be grateful for life’s little blessings, but do we remember to do this at work? Sometimes adults are the biggest culprits of groaning and grumbling over trivial things!

  • Treat others the way they like to be treated (The Platinum Rule!). No matter how high up you are on the hierarchy of employment, there is no reason to make the subordinates feel inferior. In fact, employees will respect leaders more when they are treated like valuable members of the team.

  • Don’t sweat the petty things. We get exasperated when children throw a tantrum over something seemingly minor, but how often do we keep our own tempers in check when things don’t go the way we planned at work? Stay calm, cool and collected and look for an alternate solution.

  • Always welcome new ideas. Children absorb new information like sponges and parents encourage their kids to learn, but when it comes to learning a “new way” of doing things at work, sometimes adults are very headstrong or stuck in their own ways. Embracing new concepts can streamline processes, increase productivity and expand your mind. Creating a culture of continuous learning is a MUST today!

  • Stop profiling people. Children offer the best example of innocence. They will play with anyone, of any race or gender at the playground, and as parents we teach them to accept others no matter what their background or ethnicity. Yet, adults do not seem to adhere to this lesson. Society has a way of marring this innocence and changing the way we perceive others, which has led to a judgmental society of non-acceptance. Can’t we all just get along and accept one another?

  • Share. How many times have we told our kids to share with their siblings, share with other kids, or share their feelings? Adults find this lesson much harder to do. We hoard knowledge, our feelings and build walls around us after a few failures. Instead of sharing toys, how about sharing your stapler or printer? How about sharing your opinion and wisdom? This is one lesson that we teach kids that can be very difficult to remember as grownups!

What are some other lessons you can think of? I welcome your comments and feedback! Feel free to write them below.