Meet Rita Barreto

Top Tier Leadership President RITA BARRETO

Rita Barreto

Rita Barreto is an award-winning speaker and transformational leader with a big heart and a long resume. She combines deep experience and delightful charm, but they’re not what set her apart. It’s that she doesn’t just promise high-impact results.

She delivers.

Rita is a builder. She builds on clients’ motivation, talent and drive to develop highly-effective employees, executives and teams. She creates customized strategies on topics such as ethics, personal success and organizational effectiveness that inspire confidence and spark valuable change. She views today’s rapidly-changing workplace not as an array of problems to be solved – a generational shift, a need for diversity, employee engagement – but as a challenge demanding new solutions, and she loves challenges.

Rita is effective. She doesn’t just talk the talk. She has hands-on experience. For 23 years, she held leadership positions in a Fortune 500 company. Today she taps into four decades of working with individuals, corporate and global companies, public-sector organizations and associations. It’s a breadth of knowledge that helps to ensure success.

Rita gives back. As a strong believer in service to one’s community, she has served on the boards of several local organizations and received the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award of the Human Resources Association of Palm Beach County. Florida’s governor appointed her to the Florida Commission on Human Relations and the Century Commission for a Sustainable Florida. Her most recent appointed to serve as one of twenty-two women on the Florida Commission on the Status of Women was made by Florida’s CFO. She was president of the Florida Speakers’ Association and earned a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers’ Association, the highest recognition awarded. Her impressive client list includes Fortune 50-500 companies such as Microsoft. The South Florida Business Journal called her one of the top HR professionals in Florida.

Rita is a high-energy speaker with an upbeat attitude that audiences love. Listeners are captivated and amused by her tales of growing up with 10 siblings, but there are lessons among the laughter. Her large household, which ranged from grandmother to baby brother, mirrored today’s multiple-generation workplace, and those deeply-personal experiences are what convinced her to pursue a career in people management. Her optimism delights and inspires, encouraging life changes that boost happiness and achievement. Heads nod at her conviction that traditions can be crucial in business as well as families in cementing those changes.

The President of Top Tier Leadership wears many hats – life coach, author, consultant, human resources authority, winner of professional awards and appointments to important state and local bodies, and more. She’s spoken to audiences of every size throughout the world with the kind of crystal clarity that good communication demands. Rita’s authentic enthusiasm and devotion to improving lives endear her to all who meet her. But her greatest skill is blending all her multifaceted qualities to deliver what clients value most: Outcomes with impact.